ReVonda's Story

ReVonda has called the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina home since 1989. She grew up in a small town in Caswell County, NC. ReVonda has always loved stories, believing everyone and everything has a story. Her mother read to her as a child, and, her father told of his adventures in the Pacific during World War II, and moonshiners when he was growing up. 

ReVonda was asked once what was the common thread that connected all the things she had done through out her life. It was the stories behind everything in life that was that common thread. It was not long after that question that ReVonda decided it was time to be a storyteller.

ReVonda earned her BA from Appalachian State University in cultural anthropology, and minors in psychology, Asian history, and teaching English as a second language. She has lived in China and traveled to Ireland. 

She is a teacher, as well as, a storyteller. ReVonda enjoys teaching English as a second language online, and teaching storytelling workshops. She is also a writer.

It is an honor, for ReVonda, to carry on the  Southern tradition of storytelling. She has come to understand, that in the end, all that is left is our stories.

"ReVonda is a lively and engaging storyteller for both adults and children. Because she pulls many stories from her own experience, when telling scary stories, they are all the more exciting. She was my first introduction to a storyteller and I would recommend her to anyone!"    ==2014 Appalachian State Fiddlers Convention Director