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"ReVonda is one of my favorite storytellers." ---Author Lara Giesbers
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"ReVonda's stories prick the emotions and allow the hearers to see what she sees, hear what she hears, and most important, feel what she feels. She skillfully leads listeners through her narrative in a way that leaves them with smiles of satisfaction."
    --Dale Caveny, Orgainizer for Crouse Park       
       Storytelling Event
"ReVonda is a lively and engaging storyteller for both adults and children. Because she pulls many stories from her own experience, when telling scary stories, they are all the more exciting. She was my first introduction to a storyteller and I would recommend her to anyone!"    2014 Appalachian State Fiddlers Convention Director
"ReVonda's wonderful storytelling performance had enthusiasm, sincerity, and an entertaining style that was enjoyed by everyone, kids and adults alike. We were thankful to her for helping to make our festival a huge success."
    -- Lauren Doll, Children's Librarian 
     Durham County Library Storytelling Festival