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"The Lazy Black Cat"
 This recording was featured on East London       Radio's 2018 Halloween "Talking Stories" radio   show.
"Lazy Black Cat" -
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"Little Red Riding Hood" (with a twist...)
Featured on the February, 2019 "Talking Stories" East London Radio show.
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"I consider myself a traditional storyteller. I love folktales, legends, ghost stories and tales with a twist." 
                       __ReVonda Crow
"Friendly, personable, ReVonda is a facinating storyteller with unique style."
---Miriam Haddad, audiance member 
What are your storytelling needs?
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Fairytales & Folklore
Who doesn't like a good story?
Stories aren't just for children. ReVonda enjoys telling stories to adults as well. 
Fairy tales and folktales are also stories that ReVonda loves to tell. Her stories include Brer Rabbit tales, Jack Tales, fairy tales and tales about fairies. She also likes to tell a few of her own stories.
What are your storytelling needs?
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Legends & Spooky Tales

If you want a scary story that is just at the right level of “scary” for your needs, ReVonda is your storyteller!!!!


Legends and ghost stories are what she enjoys telling. She may even add her own experiences to her storytelling events, and sometimes enjoy inviting the audience to add an experience or two of their own.


Stories ReVonda tells includes tales of unexplained lights, talking black cats, a little girl’s run in with a corpse, a civil war soldier at Gettysburg— just to name a few.


Stories can be tailored for adults and children.