"Tell Your Story!"
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tell stories?
Well, this may be just the place for you! In this workshop we will explore what it's like to tell a story out loud. Maybe, you just want to try out telling a story to see if you would like it. Maybe... you want to learn more about what it's like to be a storyteller. Participants will have the opportunity to tell in front of  the other participants, learn how to work with the audience, learn what makes a good story, tips on how to put a story together, and so much more.
Please contact ReVonda for more information on this exciting class.

"Fun With Public Speaking"

Are you wanting to learn the enjoyment of public speaking, or at least to feel more comfortable when speaking publicly? Then ReVonda can help you! In this workshop you will learn how to feel more comfortable when standing in front of a live audience. ReVonda will give you tips on how to make public speaking fun and enjoyable. Participants are given time to practice speaking while in the workshop. Focus is on speaking and learning what it feels like to have fun while public speaking. Students will also learn how to engage their audience.
Contact ReVonda for dates and times.