Business Storytelling & Content Writing

Book ReVonda as speaker at your next conference, workshop, fund raiser.
Many people own online businesses today. There's a lot to be done when you own an online business. Some people don't have the time, or may not want to do, the research and writing that it takes to get the copy they need onto their business blogs, websites, and social media. I am here to help with that part of your online business. My expertise comes with my storytelling. In today's marketing world storytelling is a very large part of your marketing strategy. 
ReVonda's services include researching information for copy, writing the copy, and putting the finished product onto your online media.
In today's marketing world, storytelling is very important and is a large marketing tool. What better way to have your employees engaged in workshops and conferences, than with a storyteller presenting your company's or groups information. It is easier for people to retain information when storytelling is added to the format of presentation. Storytelling has been shown to help people to give when you are having a fundraiser. So why not have the leading edge in today's marketing as part of your meetings?
ReVonda's services include 17 years combined experience of storytelling and teaching in front of a live audience. She can present your information, that includes storytelling, to a live audience that will have the audience not only retaining the information, but enjoying the event.
ReVonda can get your message across in a way that will leave your audience enjoying the experience of the event, as well as, taking away important information. All with the art of storytelling!
Please contact ReVonda, and let's see how we can put storytelling to work for your       business needs.